RSN Bursaries


Thanks to its supporters, the Royal School of Needlework is able to to offer a number of bursaries to our Degree students. Since the course started 2009, we have made 170 awards to 97 students, totalling £202,498. In 2017-18 we were able to make 29 awards to more than half the RSN Degree students, of between £250 and £2,500, to support either basic needs or materials/development costs.


Below are the donors of bursaries for 2016-17. These may change from year to year. Students may only apply for bursaries once they have started the course.


“My NADFAS bursary funding has been incredibly useful throughout this project because it has allowed me to purchase all of the materials I have needed such as a range of coloured inks for my mark making drawings and several different types of fabrics I’ve used for samples and in one of my final pieces.”

Fiona Townsend – Student – BA Hand Embroidery 2014


Victoria Adams was a Life Friend of the RSN, born in England she later moved to Canada. She believed passionately in the skills and enjoyment of embroidery and wanted more people to have the opportunity to learn these skills to the highest level at the RSN in order to keep the art of hand embroidery alive. Bursaries for 2016-17 will potentially be available to students on any year of the course and will usually range between £500 and £2000. To be awarded one of the higher amounts you must demonstrate particular need.  Previous recipients are eligible to re-apply.


This Worshipful Company, one of the ancient City Livery Companies, has a strong affiliation with the RSN as we are one of the few organisations which continue to use gold and silver wire in our work. For this year they will offer two bursaries. One is currently allocated but there will be a new one for a first year student who is UK based* of £2,500. To be eligible you must demonstrate financial need.


The Worshipful Company of Girdlers has been a supporter of our students and our teaching for many years. They are offering a bursary of £5000 to a first year UK-based* student. This will be split into three tranches to support the student through their three-year programme. To be eligible for this grant you must show financial need.



The National Association of Decorative and Fine Art Societies promote the advancement of arts education and the appreciation and preservation of our artistic heritage. To do this, the 340 local societies offer lecture programmes and they directly support heritage conservation through volunteering projects and by supporting individuals training in heritage/conservation arts and crafts techniques.

The Greater London Area of NADFAS is awarding two £1000 bursaries for UK students to use on books, materials, living expenses etc. The successful applicants will be expected to have an interest in the conservation or historical aspects of embroidery. There will be one award for a second year and one for a third year.


The Worshipful Company has long been a supporter and gives two awards to RSN degree students. They support us as one of two organisations that make good use of needles: embroiderers and surgeons. This year there are two bursaries of £1500 each for one first year and one second year UK-based student*.


The Coats Foundation Trust is the charitable arm of Coats Crafts from which we get Anchor thread and many other stitching accoutrements. We have used their materials since our founding. This is their first award to a degree student who must be UK-based and able to show financial need. The award will be for £2,000.


The Knights are another long-standing supporter. The chosen student will also be invited to attend a lunch in January. The award is for £1000 for a second year degree student.


Janet was an RSN Friend and left a sum of money to support both the Future Tutors and the Degree. Bursaries for 2015-16 will potentially be available to students on any year of the course and will usually range from £1000. To be awarded a higher amount you must demonstrate particular need.

Applications for bursaries will be invited early in the first term from all suitably qualified students. Where appropriate, previous bursary holders are eligible to re-apply. As a condition of accepting the bursary, all beneficiaries must write two reports. The award is given in two parts and all of your Degree course Units must be passed in order to receive the second part. Some beneficiaries may also be invited to attend functions as part of the bursary.

Please see the application form for details of how and when to apply.

*UK based means that prior to the start of this course you have predominantly lived in the UK.